Angular2 + ng2-material import

I’m using angular 2 with ng2-material to display radio and checkbox components, in each component I see that I have to import all the ng2-material contents and finally using only one component

=> the result, it charges my app and makes it slower.

I want to know if I may import only the component that I need, despite that in the ng2-material documentation they are importing all of them ???

import {Component} from 'angular2/core';
import {bootstrap} from 'angular2/platform/browser';

import {MATERIAL_DIRECTIVES, MATERIAL_PROVIDERS} from "ng2-material/all"; <<<<<

import {ROUTER_DIRECTIVES} from 'angular2/router';
import { CORE_DIRECTIVES, FORM_DIRECTIVES } from 'angular2/common';

    selector: 'radiobox',
    templateUrl: '/radiobox.html',
    styleUrls: ['radiobox.css'],
    directives: [MATERIAL_DIRECTIVES] <<<<<<

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According to the all.ts file, you can import each component by its own module. This file simply does export * from and creates some constants. Here are some contents of this file: import {MdAnchor, MdButton} from "./components/button/button"; import {MdCheckbox} from "./components/checkbox/checkbox"; import {MdContent} from "./components/content/content"; import {MdDataTable, MdDataTableHeaderSelectableRow, MdDataTableSelectableRow} from './components/data_table/data_table'; import {MdDialog} from "./components/dialog/dialog"; import {MdDivider} from "./components/divider/divider"; import {MdIcon} from "./components/icon/icon"; import {MdInk} from "./components/ink/ink"; import { MdPatternValidator, MdMaxLengthValidator, MdMinValueValidator, MdMaxValueValidator, MdNumberRequiredValidator, INPUT_VALIDATORS } from "./components/form/validators"; import {MdMessage, MdMessages} from "./components/form/messages"; import {MdInput, MdInputContainer} from "./components/input/input"; import {MdList, MdListItem} from "./components/list/list"; import {MdProgressLinear} from "./components/progress_linear/progress_linear"; import {MdProgressCircular} from… Read more »


@firasKoubaa i think you can use something like this
import {MdList, MdListItem, MdContent, MdButton} from 'ng2-material/all';
or some thing like this
import {MdButton} from "/ng2-material/components/button/button";