Angular2 : Parsing data in html tags

I’m using angular 2 and I’m loading data from a service to my view, specifically to buttons:

my View :

<div id="menuMaisons" class="collapse" *ngFor="#item of items_list">
      <div >
         <a href="{{item.href}}" class="{{item.class}}" data-toggle={{'item.toggle'}} data-parent={{'item.parent'}} >
             <span class="titres"> {{item.label}}</span>

my service is simply parsin this json data :


  { "//////////////////SUBMENU MAISON////////////////":""},

  { "id": 1, "href": "#maisonsTemoins" ,"class": "list-group-item", "toggle": "collapse" ,"parent":"#menuMaisons" ,"label":"Maisons Tèmoins" },

  { "id": 2, "href": "" ,"class": "list-group-item", "toggle": " " ,"parent":" " ,"label":"Charger Photo" }


the parsing fails and i haven’t understood what kind of error is it ;
the error :

    EXCEPTION: Error: Uncaught (in promise): Template parse errors: Unexpected closing tag "a" ("                       
 <span class="titres"> {{item.label}}</span>
                                    [ERROR ->]</a>

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