Angular2 passing data to click handler

I am not sure if I am phrasing all of this correctly; a lot has changed in Angular2. I am trying to pass form data to a component’s service. I want to pass this data whenever the “Generate” button is clicked. I am encapsulating the form data in an object, and want to pass that object to a service that’s injected into the component. The service performs all of the heavy lifting. All the component really does is display the output.


export class Generator {
    passwords: string[]; // output array
    passwordsObj: Object = { // form data passed to service
        letters: "",
        numbers: "",
        symbols: "",
        amount: ""
    constructor(gs: GeneratorService) {
        this.passwords = gs.generatePasswords(passwordsObj); // originally hard-coded, I want to now trigger this method when the "Generate" button is clicked

    clicked(obj) {
        // handle the click event?

I want the generatePasswords method to take the passwordsObj as an argument. I know how to do that. I just don’t know how to trigger the service’s generatePasswords method when the component’s button is clicked.

generator.component.html snippet

<button type="submit" (click)="clicked(passwordsObj)">Generate</button>

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Use private or public to create an initialize the gs member/property (see the TypeScript Handbook, section Parameter Properties for more information about that):

constructor(private gs: GeneratorService) {}

Then in your click event handler, simply call the service method and pass your passwordsObj as a parameter:

clicked() {
   this.passwords =;

Note that you do not need to pass passwordsObj to the event handler, since it is a property of the component, hence the clicked() method has access to it via the this object.


You could try this:

clicked() {
  this.passwords = gs.generatePasswords(this.passwordsObj);


<button type="submit" (click)="clicked()">Generate</button>