Angular2 Routes, Components and Inputs: Can they work together?

I have a component that has a set of inputs in takes in. This component is generic and basically takes in a bunch inputs to config it a certain way. I’ve recently had a requirement that this component needs to be used as part of a RouteConfig. The issue I am running into is that I don’t see how you can supply these inputs through the RouteConfig like you could through bindings or component references.

The only solution I can forsee if to create a level between this component and the route which creates these inputs and then loads the component but is there a way around not having to do this?


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For how to get RouteParams see How to get GET paramater in Angular2?

If your component should work as a routed component and as a statically added component that uses @Input()s and @Output()s for binding, using a wrapper is IMHO the best approach.