Angular 2 – Component variable from service is not changed in the view

I have MainMenuComponent with some navigation links.
Some links are for signed members, some for guests, and some for everyone.

My master template (master.html) looks like this:


<div class="container">

inside my router-outlet, I have a login component. When I login, I change my JwtService.jwtToken variable to the user token. (a service variable)

That means that after login, I can still see the “Login” and “Register” menu links:

<li *ngIf="!JwtService.getToken()" []="isRouteActive(['/Login'])"><a [routerLink]="['Login']">Login</a></li>
        <li *ngIf="!JwtService.getToken()" []="isRouteActive(['/Register'])"><a [routerLink]="['Register']">Register</a></li>
        <li *ngIf="JwtService.getToken()" []="isRouteActive(['/Fight'])"><a [routerLink]="['Fight']">Fight</a></li>
        <li *ngIf="JwtService.getToken()"><a (click)="logOut()">Log Out</a></li>

Why does JwtService.getToken() is changed in my <router-outlet> but outside it, in my main menu component, its not updating? (unless I refresh the page manually)

**In other words: When my service variable is changed after login using jwtService.setToken("MY_TOKEN");
,The following expression in my view is not changed:


and it remains null until I refresh my browser/route **

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I had the same issue with components outside the router-outlet in Angular2 caused by zones and change detection strategy.

You can force Angular2 to check the full component tree by using the ApplicationRef.tick() method.

In your login component:

Add the reference to ApplicationRef

import {ApplicationRef} from 'angular2/core';

inject the ApplicationRef into the constructor:

constructor(public appRef: ApplicationRef)

then when you receive the response from the authentication service force the Angular2 app to go through the change detection again:

this.appRef.tick(); // this will refresh the bindings

Your main-menu component should get updated as expected.