Angular 2 + typescript or Angular 2 + Javascript which one is advisable

I have better knowledge in Angular and I have been working on almost 3 years in Angular. I just started learning Angular 2 and bit confused. I should learn Angular 2 + Typescript or I can go with Angular + JavaScript ES6. All the documentation available on internet is Angular + typescript .
Which one is better for future?

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The main differences between ES6 and TypeScript in the context of Angular2 applications are the following: You can’t use types for class properties, variables and method parameters. Decorators for method parameters aren’t supported. For example for dependency injection, you need to specify a static setter for the “parameters” property: constructor(http) { this.http = http; } static get properties() { return [[ Http ]]; } With TypeScript, you will have this: constructor(private http:Http) { } So both are usable in Angular2. The framework promotes more TypeScript in docs but Ionic2 (that uses Angular2) uses by default ES6 in the application created… Read more »

  • Angular2 is written in Typescript and the team recommends to use it
    with Typescript.
  • Here on stackoverflow over 90% of questions/answers are submitted
    in Typescript.
  • At this moment angular2 docs has a better support in
    typescript (this may change until the official release)

So yeah, I think that Angular2 will be more popular in Typescript than ES6/ES5/Dart, I will definitely advise to use it with Typescript.


Based on my experience, I’d recommend you learn Angular + JavaScript ES6, because Angular 2 is still under beta. A lot of things will change during your learning so you’ll have to learn same things over and over. Documentation or tutorials will be also obsolete.