get model by html element in angular2

I need to access the model by the html element in angular2. In my case I use ng2-dragula to perform drag and drop and its service only has access to the html elements that are dragged. And I need to update the corresponding model of the element. Heres the issue at github.

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You can get the model of your item by searching for the index of the element in the elementList provided by the arguments of the subscription. dragulaService.drop.subscribe(e => this.onDrop(e.slice(1))); See? UPDATE: Simplification (Thanks to Dracco) private onDrop(args) { let [e, el] = args; //element, elementList let i = el.children.indexOf(e), item = i+1? this.items[i] : null; console.log(item); //The item } this.items is the variable where you store the list you pass to dragula. (e.g: [dragulaModel]="items"). I wish there was a simpler way. Tell me if you find one! Old way: private onDrop(args) { let [e, el] = args; //element, elementList let… Read more »


If your ngFor is compiled from an array, you need to provide model by setting the dragulaModel attribute on the bag element.

<ul [dragula]='"bag-one"' [dragulaModel]='items'>
<li *ngFor="let item of items"></li>

And whenever you re-position the items, the model will be synced. In your component, you can easily get the updated model by doing this.

this.dragulaService.drop.subscribe((value) => {
        //let [bagName, e, el] = value;

You will notice that the items are re-positioned in your model.


Make sure to wrap el.children in a ES6 Array.

let i = el.children.indexOf(e)

Should be

let i = Array.from(el.children).indexOf(e)

I also found that retrieving the child element with the index from the parent list produced unpredictable results and sometimes generated new undefined items.

Alternative Direct ID Solution:

<ion-item *ngFor="let child of children" [id]="child"></ion-item>

and then in the onDrop method