How do trigger a component to render in Angular 2 after update property via another component? is not working

I am having a problem getting a component to re-render. I have a breadcrumb component that I want other components to be able to update it by calling a method. E.g. say I have a ViewContact component, I want that component to set the active page in the breadcrumb to be the name of the contact.

The breadcrumb component is being injected into the ViewContact component & I’ve set up the provider for the breadcrumb. The ViewContact component is calling a method on the breadcrumb component which is in turn calling as I’ve read should trigger the component to re-render. However it isn’t.

I’ve created a simple Plunker here:

Is what I’m trying to do achievable using injection or is there a better way?


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In your case you can’t inject the Breadcrumb component into the OtherComponent one since they don’t have a parent / child relation. This won’t work even if you add the first component into providers: providers: [Breadcrumb], Either you choose the approach provided by G√ľnter, either you choose a shared service: import {Subject} from 'rxjs/Rx'; export class SharedService { property:string; property$:Subject<string> = new Subject(); setProperty(newValue:string) { = newValue;$.next(; } } In the components you will use this service this way: export class OtherComponent implements OnInit { count: number = 1; constructor( private service: SharedService) { } ngOnInit() { this.updateBreadcrumb();… Read more »


You can use an EventEmitter and template variables to communicate between siblings.

export class OtherComponent implements OnInit {
  @Output() notifyOther:EventEmitter = new EventEmitter();


  updateBreadcrumb() {
    this.notifyOther.emit("changed " + (this.count++));
    //this._breadcrumb.setProperty("changed " + (this.count++));
<breadcrumb #breadCrumb></breadcrumb>

<other-component (notifyOther)="breadCrumb.testProperty = $event"></other-component>

Plunker example