How to use a live server when developing angular/django locally

After using Angular 8 & Node.js, I’ve grown to enjoy developing locally with hot reloading on both the backend and frontend.

Now I’m trying to use Django for a backend and I’m struggling with a way to hot reload the entire app without having to build the angular project into the django template. It seems like it will be extremely time consuming to build out the frontend every time I want to see changes.

Is there a way to develop while running a local server for both django and angular to view the changes in real time?

This is the example I followed to set up the project, but it requires you to run ‘ng build’ to grab and place the JS files in django’s folder in order to view the full-stack app.

In Node.js, I can run nodemon while serving the angular app on localhost. Both have hot reloading. If this could be replicated in django/angular that’d be fantastic. Thanks in advance!

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