Redirect to Angular2 app from within an ASP.NET MVC controller with parameters

I’m trying to redirect from an MVC controller to an Angular 2 app that resides within an area of the MVC project, structure is as follows:

Clients.Web (MVC project)
   |  |
   |  +--Controllers
   |     |
   |     +--Action1ApiController
      |  |
      |  +--action1
      |  |  |
      |  |  +--action1.component.ts
      |  |
      |  +--action2
      |  |  |
      |  |  +--action2.component.ts
      |  |
      |  +--app.component.ts
      |  +--index.html
      |  +--main.ts
      +--assets (vendor modules, images etc.)
      |  |
      |  +--AppController.cs

I need to be able to traverse from a legacy MVC page into the Angular 2 app, e.g.


should be routed to


in Angular. At the same time I need to be able to invoke actions on


I can’t, for the love of cookies, figure out how to do that. In my index.html I set the base href to

<base href="/Areas/Web/">

In that same file I imported the main module with SystemJS,

     baseURL: './',
     map: {
        'angular2': '/Areas/Web/node_modules/angular2',
        'rxjs': '/Areas/Web/node_modules/rxjs'

where I then bootstrap the app

import { bootstrap } from 'angular2/platform/browser';
import { AppComponent } from './app.component';

bootstrap(AppComponent, [])
  .then(success => console.log('Bootstrap success'))
  .catch(error => console.log(error));

Finally, in app.component I set up routing

import { Component } from 'angular2/core';
import { ROUTER_DIRECTIVES, ROUTER_PROVIDERS, RouteConfig, Route, Redirect } from 'angular2/router';
import { Component1} from './action1/action1.component';
import { Component2} from './action2/action2.component';

    selector: "app",
    templateUrl: 'app/app.component.html',
    styleUrls: ['app/app.component.css'],
    directives: [
    providers: [
    new Route({ path: '/:param1/:param2, name: 'Action1', component: Action1Component})
export class AppComponent {

However, if I then navigate to


I get

param1 = 'app'
param2 = 'index.html'

passed into Action1Component, which is clearly not what I intended. Any pointers would be appreciated.


Routing only targets the AppController at the moment,

routes.MapRoute("SPA", "Web/{controller}/{action}/{id}",
    new { controller = "App", action = "Index", area = "Web", id = UrlParameter.Optional },
    new[] { "SomeSite.Areas.Web.Controllers" }); 

and the code for the action is

public class AppController : Controller
   public ActionResult Index(int param1, int param2)
       return Redirect($"/Areas/Web/app/index.html?param1={param1}&param2={param2}");

As I’m migrating a legacy web site one page at a time, the idea is to have actions Action1, Action2 etc. on the AppController and link to these actions from legacy pages.

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The thing is, that your routing doesn’t match. You say you want the route /Action1/:param1/:param2 to be routed but gives it index.html?param1={param1}&param2={param2} which is just not the same thing. The problem at this point will be in your MVC app because it will redirect all your traffic starting with /Web to the controller, creating the SPA app. But the SPA app will, only look at the url from the point after /Areas/Web/thus strarting with the app seeing it as the first parameter becuase you have told it to expect two parameters first in the url. public ActionResult Index(int param1, int… Read more »