Thinking in Angular 2 when coming from an Angular 1 background

Lets say I have become comfortable with developing client-side SPA’s with angular 1 but now I want to make the change to Angular 2.

Who would be some of the important paradigms to take into consideration when making the change?

Here are some questions that may help frame your answers:

  • What is the main difference in the architectural design of Angular 2 compared to 1?
  • What should I stop/start doing?

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Main difference in architectural design is probably the unidirectional data flow and the focus on components.

Start using controllerAs with Typescript classes as your controllers if you want a more easy transition. Start learning the basics of RxJS, Ng2 is built on it.


Main difference in architecture is the unidirectional data flow as said above I would also Like to add Few Points: Component-based UI Angular is adopting a component-based UI, a concept that might be familiar to React developers. In a sense, the Angular 1.x controllers and directives blur into the new Angular 2 Component. This means that in Angular 2 there are no controllers and no directives. Instead, a component has a selector which corresponds to the html tag that the component will represent and a @View to specify an HTML template for the component to populate. The following examples utilize… Read more »