“Uncaught EXCEPTION” in view binding brings down entire Angular 2 app

My template contains an expression that produces an exception:

<h1>Foo: {{model.somebodyForgotToInitializeMe.foo}}</h1>

An error the model produces the following output on the console:

Uncaught EXCEPTION: TypeError: Cannot read property 'foo' of null in [
             in SomeView@21:73]

That’s not surprising. What is surprising is that this error brings down the entire Angular 2 application. Nothing else in the app responds after this has happened.

Is there a global exception handler I need to installed to prevent an error in a single binding expression killing my entire app?

This is a large medical application worked on by alot of developers. An exception in a UI component shouldn’t take down the entire application.

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I have one hack
<h1>Foo: {{(model.somebodyForgotToInitializeMe || {}).foo}}</h1>
We use OR here when the variable is not available it used {} (blank object).