Uploading Angular 2 app to web hosting

So far I’ve used web hosting such as https://uk.godaddy.com/hosting/web-hosting for my websites, but seem like running angular 2 app has different way for publication.

So, since I found nothing about running Angular 2 app to be available public, and not only in localhost

My questions are –

  1. What providers do allow such apps to be hosted on them? now I’m using npm start in my project folder to run my app, does it works the same way?
  2. Since my backend is Laravel and supposed to be in the same domain as the Angular2 frontend, These providers allow to host the API’s too?

Thanks in advance!

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I have also hosted my laravel backend and angular front end using openshift. In terms to your application, I recommend you the following two providers. Amazon Web Service. You can get 1 year free trial, EC2 is really wonderful to host whatever you want. In EC2, you can configure the environment for angular 2 and laravel by yourself. You can run any command including npm install in EC2 Openshift. You can freely create 3 gears to host your application. The environment is very easy to configure. If you want to deploy angular 2, laravel applications, there are specific gears for… Read more »